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Grandparent DNA Test

To confirm a biological relationship when a possible father is unavailable.

Want to confirm a biological relationship
with a grandchild?

When a possible father isn’t available for paternity testing, one or more of his parents can participate instead. The child’s mother is encouraged to add her DNA to the test as well since it helps to expedite analysis and can strengthen results. Whether you just want to know for your own peace of mind or obtain a report for legal reasons, we provide the accurate answers you need to know. The report is posted to your secure online account 5 business days after all grandparent test samples have been received at the lab.

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Reasons to get a Grandparent DNA Test

The most common reason for grandparents to take a DNA test is to confirm the truth about a biological relationship, but there are more possible reasons to take a grandparent paternity test, like:

  • Medical history

  • Social Security benefits

  • Inheritance claims

  • Insurance claims

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