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Prenatal Paternity Test

Uncertainty regarding who the father of your baby is can be extremely stressful. Every year, we help thousands of mothers-to-be and possible fathers-to-be get the answers they need before the baby is born with our non-invasive prenatal paternity test. KINNECT LLC can provide an accurate probability of paternity as early as 7 weeks gestation.

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Pregnancy Test

How Does Prenatal Paternity Testing Work?

Beginning just weeks into pregnancy, small pieces of the baby’s DNA, called cell-free fetal DNA or cffDNA, begin to appear in the mom’s bloodstream. Using the most advanced laboratory techniques available, the Certainty™ Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity test isolates the baby’s DNA and compares up to 2,500 genetic locations in the sample to the father’s DNA to determine paternity with over 99.9% confidence.


Give Us a Call

Looking for a prenatal paternity test that can be used in court? Have questions about the science behind the test? Call our experts for a no-obligation consultation. A dedicated customer service representative can help answer any questions you may have and identify which type of paternity test may best suit your needs.


Your Test is Carefully Processed

Once the DNA samples arrive at the DDC laboratory, our technicians carefully handle and prepare them for processing. The results are then reviewed by our in-house team of PhDs and your paternity test report is prepared.


Scheduling DNA Sample Collection

The identities of all tested parties will be verified and this proof of verification will be included in the paternity test report (results), making the results court-admissible. If court-admissibility is not a concern, you can opt to collect the possible father’s DNA sample at home with a buccal (cheek) swab, or submit an alternative DNA sample source such as cigarette butts, nail clippings, and ear swabs


Receive Your Results Online

Once testing is complete, typically within 3-5 days, we will send you an email — just log in to our secure website to view your results. Prenatal paternity test results are completely confidential, and your private genetic information is never shared with or sold to outside parties.

The Certainty™ Prenatal Paternity Test

This prenatal test can help answer your paternity questions from the moment they arise. The Certainty™ Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity Test compares the DNA of a possible father with the DNA from the developing fetus and determines the probability of paternity with over 99.9% confidence. Call our experts for a free consultation.

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